Take Action, Move Your Money for Impact

By Tuti B. Scott

We must endeavor to create a compassionate and just society. In order to do this, it is imperative that we resource and support womxn, particularly Black womxn leaders, Indigenous womxn leaders, LGBTQI womxn leaders, and other womxn who have been marginalized by oppression for too long.

On January 6, we witnessed a horrific public assault on our democracy fueled by white supremacy in the midst of an unremedied health pandemic. …

Reframing Women’s History Month

Governor Ann Richards and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan in 1991 courtside at a University of Texas Longhorns women’s basketball game. They are two of my sheroes who would be applauding the messages in this piece. Photo credit-Susan Sigmon

I would like to rename Women’s History Month to call it ‘Dismantle White Heteronormative Patriarchy Month’. Actually, if I had my way, we would name every day this way!

Four years of an unabashed misogynist racist president underscored the pandemics of structural racism and sexism embedded in our history. And not just four years with the former President, but also structural racism and…

Events and conferences are a labor of love. They take a lot of time, money, and effort to produce, which is why the right sponsorships and partnerships are so important. Self-organized, grassroots, women-led events aimed to move money to women and girls using a gender, racial, and economic justice lens are even harder.

We are grateful for the bold leaders, advisors, speakers, sponsors, and partners who have been so supportive of the upcoming “Women & Money: Making Money Moves that Matter” event. And still, we are under-funded and under-resourced.

As funding from a significant partner recently fell through unexpectedly, we…

In just four years, assets under management (AUM) with a gender lens jumped from $100 million to $2.4 billion (a 2400% increase). I define the fast-growing field of gender lens investing simply as, “Innovative and intentional investments in gender equity for ALL women.” Based on decades of data, my definition of gender lens investing is broad and inclusive. I know that planet, people, and profits will be infinitely better off if we invest in gender equity.

Jackie VanderBrug, one of the foremothers of the field and author of Gender Lens Investing: Uncovering Opportunities for Growth, Returns, and Impact (2016) defines…

Interview by Tuti Scott with Lex Schroeder

In January 2019, I asked Joy Anderson from The Criterion Institute to share what she learned from organizing several Convergence gatherings on gender lens investing. I’m privileged to have attended the first of these gatherings in Simsbury, Connecticut and am excited to be carrying some of this work forward by co-facilitating “Women and Money: Making Money Moves that Matter” with Tracy Gray September 16–17 in Austin. Joy was kind enough to talk to me about what she knows to be true about field building and gathering people to commit to new actions together.

Nancy Schwartz Sternoff was a fierce woman, mother, Nana, sister, friend, mentor, “gender avenger”, and so much more. She passed away on January 12th from cancer.

I had the honor of working alongside Nancy for nine years, co-creating programs for the Jewish Women’s Funding Network and advising JWFN’s members. I invite you to read about Nancy here. Perhaps her life will inspire you and remind you about the value of working together across generations, being a generous mentor to others, and/or living with a deep appreciation of grace and beauty.

Liz Wolfson, Tuti Scott, Ellen Landis, and Nancy Schwartz Sternoff

Dear Nancy,

I trust that you are surrounded by the…

Throughout my career, I’ve been having conversations about what it takes for more women to get bolder and more engaged with their money. More and more people, especially fierce women, want to see their grantmaking aligned with their values and are eager to take their work to the next level through gender lens investing.

For the past year, I have been speaking specifically about gender lens investing with the Women’s Funding Network (WFN) community and stakeholders. …

Several years ago my friend and colleague Christian McEwen interviewed me for her play, “Legal Tender — Stories of Women and Money.” Think “Vagina Monologues” but about our financial resources.

Growing up in New Hampshire

I shared my life story with Christian and came out. Not as a lesbian. Not as a cancer survivor. Not as a person with a heart condition. Not as a daughter of an alcoholic with mental illness. All of these things were easier to come out about than what I shared with Christian… that I have jumped class. Some people say “working poor” and others say “middle class,” but I…

After 56 years on the planet, I am finally embracing my strengths as well as my vulnerabilities. Like most people, I find it easier to focus on the former.

For me, vulnerability means asking for help. When I do ask for help, I do so knowing that it is not a sign of weakness but an intention to continue to grow and learn. I know it leads me to even more productivity, helping me to accomplish my goals.

Still, there are days I try to ignore my need for assistance. I pretend to believe that it is because I am…

Gloria Steinem reminds us, “Dreaming is a form of planning.” As a coach and consultant, I know this to be true. I’ve witnessed it make the difference time and time again, which is why we must be in the business of dreaming and then expertly implementing and executing the realities we know can define daily life for ourselves and others.

This post is the fourth in my “On Dreaming and Practice” series highlighting bold women leaders I have had the pleasure of knowing, working with, and/or supporting. These fierce leaders have dreamed bigger for all of us. …

Tuti Scott

Strategic philanthropy & investing consultant. Convening conversations on women, money, justice, and power. Lifelong athlete, feminist, and gender avenger.

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